Founding and Development of the Government of the United States of America Archive

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  • HS-C2.1.2

    Identify and analyze various Democratic Values of the United States as found in the Declaration of Independence.

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  • HS-C2.1.3

    Explain the impact of the major debates and compromises underlying the drafting and ratification of the American Constitution including…

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  • HS-C2.2.1

    Analyze relationships between Democratic Values and Constitutional Principles.

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  • HS-C2.2.2

    Analyze how influential historical speeches, writings, cases, and laws express Democratic Values and influenced changes in American culture, law,…

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  • HS-C2.2.3

    Use examples to investigate why people may agree on Democratic Values and Constitutional Principles in the abstract, yet disagree…

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  • HS-C2.1.1

    Analyze the historical and philosophical origins of American Constitutional Democracy and analyze the influence of ideas found in the…

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