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  • HS-E4.1.5

    Financial Investing – analyze the risks, expected rate of return, tax benefits, impact of inflation, role of government agencies,…

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  • HS-E4.1.6

    Protecting and Insuring – assess the financial risk of lost income, assets, health, or identity, and determine if a…

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  • HS-E4.1.1

    Earning Income - conduct research regarding potential income and employee benefit packages, non-income factors that may influence career choice,…

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  • HS-E4.1.2

    Buying Goods And Services – describe the factors that consumers may consider when purchasing a good or service, including…

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  • HS-E4.1.3

    Saving – identify the incentives people have to set aside income for future consumption, and evaluate the impact of…

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  • HS-E4.1.4

    Using Credit – evaluate the benefits, costs, and potential impacts of using credit to purchase goods and services.

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