Great Lakes

Dive in and explore the lakes that make Michigan truly special.

Learn about the spectacular Great Lakes region we call home, from the plants and animals that surround us to the history of lumberjacks and farmers to the beauty of the Mackinac bridge and of our natural areas. Take a live tour of our state parks with the DNR and meet the creatures who live in the Belle Isle Aquarium.

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Detroit PBS Kids mixtures with Ruff Ruffman event

Mixtures with Ruff Ruffman

Online Event on July 27 at 10am

Michigan DNR Wild spaces and places event

Michigan's Wild Spaces and Places

Online Event on July 29 at 10am

diy science time showcase

DIY Science Time's Super Summer Showcase

Online Event on July 31 at 11am

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  • The Desert and Contractions
    Lesson 407

    The Desert and Contractions

    English2nd Grade

    Learn about how drawing can help learn new vocabulary.

  • The Rainforest and Suffix -some
    Lesson 407

    The Rainforest and Suffix -some

    English3rd Grade

    Learn about the -some suffix and read about the rainforest.

  • Animal Habitats Part 2
    Lesson 408

    Animal Habitats Part 2


    Learn about text features and practice new vocabulary words.

  • More Fun With Frogs, a Pond, and the Long o Sound.
    Lesson 408

    More Fun With Frogs, a Pond, and the Long o Sound.

    English1st Grade

    Learn about the pond ecosystem and about the long o sound.

  • Types of Deserts and More Contractions
    Lesson 408

    Types of Deserts and More Contractions

    English2nd Grade

    Learn how to read and write contractions.

  • Polymers
    Lesson 106


    Science4th Grade, 5th Grade, 6th Grade

    Mister C and the Science Crew have the right formula to create super-stretchy, ooey-gooey slime.

  • Waves
    Lesson 609


    Science3rd Grade, 4th Grade, 5th Grade, 6th Grade, 7th Grade, 8th Grade

    Sloping slinky and wiggly water! The Curious Crew gets an “earful” from Dr. Rob on the science behind sound waves! STEM Challenge: Design a Gumdrop Wave Machin…

  • Why Does the Hummingbird Hum?
    Lesson 110

    Why Does the Hummingbird Hum?


    Come learn & sing with Miss Linda! Marty the Music Man tells us about theme & variations. Miss Linette shows us more of her farm friends in the Curiosity Corne…