Creating Inclusive Spaces

This is a unit from the Relationships Initiative Curriculum. See the full resource collection on the curriculum’s homepage.

The activities in this section are designed to help participants interrupt bias, bullying, and stereotypes in order to create schools and classrooms where
students from all backgrounds feel a sense of belonging and inclusion. Too often in our schools students are the victims of biases and prejudices from their peers and even at times from teachers. We know that without helping students debunk stereotypes and interrupt bullying these things frequently go unchecked and become a source of isolation for students—especially those from marginalized backgrounds. Engaging in these activities is especially important given how polarized our country has become around issues of identity. The activities in this section require moderate vulnerability.

Supplemental Videos

Use these videos to prompt some initial conversations around what it means to create inclusive spaces and help everyone in our community feel welcomed. Consider your young learners’ identities and experiences as you share some of these videos, or skip directly to the activities. As you share these videos, invite students to reflect, journal, and discuss the following questions: 

  • How do we show we care about one another? 
  • How can we try to make others feel welcomed? 
  • How can we practice allyship in our classroom? 
  • What do we want to continue learning about being an ally or being anti-racist? 
  • What does it look like to be an ally or an upstander? 
  • Who are our role models when it comes to allyship and anti-racism? 
  • What does our classroom need to feel more inclusive and welcoming? 
  • What does our school need to feel more inclusive and welcoming? 

Browse videos below by age group. Do you have a video or activity that might help other teachers create inclusive spaces? Share it using our submission form.

Lessons from this Unit

You can also download the full Relationships Initiative curriculum as a PDF.