The Relationships Initiative Curriculum

Help students build relationships and self identity during the first weeks of school.

Building Relationships for Back to School

Educators know that relationships can make or break a school year. This two-week curriculum offers resources for elementary and secondary educators to focus on relationships as they start the school year. Designed by Dr. Shayla Griffin, the Relationships Initiative is a series of ice-breakers, classroom activities, and closing circles aimed at building strong relationships that become the foundation of learning for the entire year.

About the Authors

The Relationships Initiative was created by the Justice Leaders Collaborative, an organization that provides social justice education, training, and coaching for individuals, organizations, schools, & universities. Learn more about the Justice Leaders Collaborative on their about page.

Explore Curriculum Resources

The Relationships Initiative is divided into nine units with videos and activities. Browse the units below, or download the full curriculum as a PDF. For additional support and training, including how to adopt this curriculum as a school-wide initiative, contact Justice Leaders Collaborative. For additional social emotional learning videos and activities, visit the MLC Social Emotional Learning Homepage and PBS Learning Media.

Video Series from the Michigan Learning Channel

The videos from the series below are perfect for use between units of the Relationship Initiative or as a stand-alone activity.

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