Teacher Resources

The content on the Michigan Learning Channel is designed to support – not replace — the student-teacher relationship by offering high-quality standards-aligned video content, which supports learning both in and out of the classroom. There are a number of ways this content may be used to support learning:

  • Video instruction may be used as a “flipped classroom,” where students watch the lesson and then follow up with a teacher to discuss content, complete assignments, and receive individualized support.
  • Teachers can use the on-demand video on the website to assign specific lessons. When the full website is rolled out in winter 2021, teachers will be able to search the site by which Michigan standards are covered and use built-in tools to share lessons to common systems like Google Classroom and Schoology.
  • Shows on the weekend and outside school hours will continue to reinforce skills being learned in school. MLC will use the breaks between programs to help parents understand their student’s learning goals and encourage parent-teacher communication.
  • Each local PBS station in Michigan will have engagement and support staff dedicated to helping teachers use MLC resources while also gathering teacher feedback to improve the channel. Please reach out to your local station or sign up for the MLC newsletter for more information.


PBS Digital Innovators

A passionate community of nationally-recognized classroom changemakers Visit the PBS Digital Innovators Website

PBS LearningMedia

Free, curated standards-aligned videos, interactives, lesson plans, and more for teachers. 

Professional Development

Learn how the Michigan Learning Channel’s free resources can be an immediate solution to support teachers and K-12 students with distance learning for hard to reach students