Michigan Educators Featured on Read, Write, ROAR!

Meet our Read, Write, ROAR! teachers and coaches and learn about what they do off-screen.

Meet the teachers and coaches behind our Kindergarten-3rd Grade English and literacy show, Read, Write, ROAR!

Read, Write, ROAR! is an English Language Arts program for kindergarten through 3rd Grade learners. Each lesson helps students build literacy skills through word-building lessons, read-alouds, writing exercises, exploring informational text, and more. Taught by Michigan teachers from across the state, the program features lessons aligned with state standards and teaching techniques while demonstrating the research-based best practices outlined in Michigan’s Literacy Essentials.



Jill Erfourth

Kindergarten Teacher and District Literacy Consultant K-6 for Utica Community Schools
Kindergarten Teacher on Read, Write, ROAR!

Jill has been an educator in Utica Community Schools for over 25 years. Jill holds a masters in Educational Leadership. She has been actively involved in the Michigan Reading Association for many years and is currently the acting president. She is the co-author of “Interacting with Informational Text for Close & Critical Reading.” Jill enjoys sharing her passion for learning and literacy with students and educators across her district and the state.

Shannon Fuller, coach for read write roar

Shannon Fuller

Early Literacy Coach for Manistee ISD
First Grade Coach for Read, Write, ROAR! Episodes 315-420
Second Grade Teacher on Read, Write, ROAR!

Shannon Fuller is the Early Literacy Coach for the Manistee Intermediate School District. Shannon works with teachers, administrators, and parents to improve literacy instruction in grades K-3. Shannon has 23 years of experience as an elementary classroom teacher. She has a master’s degree in Teaching and Curriculum with a Specialization in Literacy from Michigan State University and is certified as a Reading Specialist in the State of Michigan.


Megan Friend

Third Grade Teacher for Owosso Public Schools
Third Grade Teacher on Read, Write, ROAR!

Megan has been teaching 3rd grade for 14 years and is excited each year to instill a love of reading in her students. Outside of teaching she loves to travel with her husband and two daughters and try new foods! She is excited to reach even more students and teachers across the state through teaching lessons with Read, Write, Roar!

Tan-A Hoffman, 3rd grade teacher on read write roar

Tan-A Hoffman

Second Grade Teacher at Joseph K. Lumsden Bahweting Anishnabe PSA
Third Grade Teacher on Read, Write, ROAR! 

Tan-A Hoffman is a 20-year veteran teacher in the Upper Peninsula  of Michigan and a citizen of the Traverse Bay Band of Odawa Indians. Currently, she is a 2nd-grade National Board Certified Teacher with the Bureau of Indian Education working in collaboration with the Sault Sainte Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians at JKL Bahweting Anishnabe PSA. She is a 20-21 Michigan Regional Teacher of the Year, a Board Member of National Board of Professional Teaching Standards, Co-Chair of BIE NBCT Network, and the acting Chair MI NBCT Network.

Brittany Mora, Teacher on read write roar

Brittany Mora

Third Grade Teacher at Bloomingdale Public Schools
Third Grade Teacher on Read, Write, ROAR! 

Mrs. Mora teaches third grade at Bloomingdale Public Schools in the very same building where she attended elementary. Her favorite parts of third grade are sharing stories with students and encouraging learners to love words. When she’s not teaching, Mrs. Mora enjoys testing new recipes, taking walks with her family, and reading in Spanish with her husband and daughter.

Jody Pung, Teacher on read, write, roar

Jody Pung

Early Literacy Coach for Ionia County ISD
Kindergarten Teacher on Read, Write, ROAR! 

Mrs. Pung is a kindergarten teacher on Read, Write ROAR! and an Early Literacy Coach for Ionia County ISD. Her favorite color is pink because it reminds her of love and kindness. One of her favorite books is the Giving Tree because the boy and the tree show what it means to be true friends. When she was a student her favorite subject was writing. She loves to imagine and create new stories. She became a teacher because she wanted everyone to love learning as much as she does!

Shernita Rodgers, teacher on read, write, roar

Shernita Rodgers

K-3 ELA/COSA (Coach On Special Assignment from Wayne RESA) for Wayne RESA (Chandler Park Academy)
First Grade Teacher on Read, Write, ROAR! 

Shernita D. Rodgers is an award-winning educator and consultant with over 12 years of experience increasing district-wide student achievement at Michigan Title 1 schools. She is passionate about learning and helping children and teachers realize their potential.

Haley Skelley, teacher on read, write, roar

Haley Skelley

Kindergarten Teacher at Livonia Public Schools
Kindergarten Teacher on Read, Write, ROAR! 

Haley Skelley is a teacher for Livonia Public Schools, and has been teaching kindergarten for the majority of her career. She has a master’s degree in Literacy Education from Madonna University and a Reading Specialist certification. Her favorite part about teaching is cultivating a love of reading in her students.

Annie Spear, Teacher on read, write, roar

Annie Spear

Early Literacy Professional Learning Coordinator for Michigan Association of Intermediate School Administrators (MAISA) on loan from C.O.O.R. Intermediate School District
First Grade Teacher on Read, Write, ROAR!

Annie Petrozzelli Spear has been in the field of education for over 20 years. She holds an MEd in Reading from the University of New Hampshire and a MAT in Elementary Education from Simmons University.  She is a member of MAISA GELN’s Early Literacy Task Force. She is passionate about supporting educators to implement research-supported practices aligned to literacy development that meet children’s needs and inspire their love of learning. She finds joy when engaging and collaborating with families and children. She lives with her husband, children, and two dogs in Northern Michigan.

Tracy Zarei-King, Teacher on read, write, roar

Tracy Zarei-King

Second Grade Teacher at Kalamazoo Public Schools
Second Grade Teacher on Read, Write, ROAR! 

Tracy Zarei-King has been an elementary teacher at Edison Elementary in Kalamazoo Public Schools for 9 years. She recently received her Masters in Literacy Studies from Western Michigan University. in addition to being a teacher, she is also a mother of 5, a wife, and a small business owner.

Chandra Ziegler, teacher on read, write, roar

Chandra Ziegler

Second Grade Teacher at Forest Park School (UP)
Second Grade Teacher on Read, Write, ROAR! Episodes 315-420.

Chandra Ziegler has been a proud public school teacher for fifteen years and is currently teaching second grade at Forest Park Elementary in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. When not teaching, raising kids, running, writing, or studying to become a certified Social Emotional Learning Facilitator and Yoga Instructor, she can be found playing in the outdoors with her husband, three daughters, and two black labs.


Corinne Alt, Coach

Corinne Alt

K-4 Literacy Coach/COSA for Livonia Public Schools
Kindergarten Coach for Read, Write, ROAR! 

Corinne Alt is a K-4 Literacy Coach for Livonia Public Schools. She is currently working with Wayne RESA as a Coach on Special Assignment (COSA). She has a Masters in Literacy and has over 20 years of experience in Elementary Education.

Christi Gilbert, Coach for read write roar

Christi Gilbert

Language and Literacy Coach for Kent ISD
Third Grade Coach for Read, Write, ROAR!

Christi taught English learners at the elementary level for about 15 years and has been an early literacy coach for the past 4 years. She is National Board certified in English as a New Language and has her Masters in Advanced Teaching Practices. Christi continuously collaborates with teachers, coaches, and experts to increase instructional outcomes for all students and is a life-long learner herself. 

Geanice Miller, Coach for read write roar

Geanice Miller

Early Literacy Coach/Consultant for Van Buren ISD
Second Grade Coach for Read, Write, ROAR!

Geanice has been an Early Literacy Coach/Consultant at Van Buren Intermediate School District since February 2016. She’s a 1993 graduate of Olivet College with a B.A in Elementary Education and received her M.A. in Reading from Western Michigan University. Geanice is a member of MAISA GELN’s Early Literacy Task Force and is on the Executive Board of MAISA GELN’s ELA Leadership Team. She lives in Kalamazoo with her husband Jerry, who is a third grade teacher in Kalamazoo Public Schools, and is the proud mother of Kegan and Kearney. In her free time, Geanice enjoys being a spectator at all things sports and reading anything that falls in the mystery/suspense genre.

Heather Phelps

Heather Phelps

Director of Director of Curriculum & Instruction for West Branch-Rose City Area Schools
Kindergarten Coach for Read, Write, ROAR!

Heather currently serves as the Director of Instruction for West Branch-Rose City Area Schools. Her educational experiences include teaching young 5’s to eighth grade, coaching K-12, and administration. She has a passion for literacy and science and helping all students experience success through authentic learning opportunities.


Amy Posey

Literacy Coach for Newaygo RESA
First Grade Coach for Read, Write, ROAR! 

Amy is a Literacy Coach in Newaygo where she partners with teachers and other literacy coaches to improve literacy instruction for all students. Amy has been an early childhood educator for over 25 years and earned a Masters of Early Childhood Education from Grand Valley State University. Amy lives in Big Rapids, MI with her husband Mark, an elementary technology teacher, and is a proud mom of two daughters, Lauren and Kate.

Rhonda Provoast

Rhonda Provoast

Project Coordinator for Michigan Association of Intermediate School Administrators

Dr. Rhonda Provoast provides coordination support for the Michigan Learning Channel on behalf of MAISA. She engages with teachers, coaches, and stakeholders on lesson plan development, production efforts, and professional learning opportunities. She also serves as an educational consultant with the MI School Data project specifically related to the professional development network. Provoast has over 37 years of experience as a teacher, building-level leader, central office administrator, and ISD level leadership. She earned her educational technology certification from Michigan State University, holds both master’s and education specialist degrees from Saginaw Valley State University, and completed her Ph.D. from Eastern Michigan University.

Susan Townsend

Susan Townsend

Project Director, MAISA Literacy Initiatives

Susan is the Co-Chair of the MAISA GELN Early Literacy Task Force and provides direction with the Michigan Learning Channel’s Read, Write, ROAR! team. She leads educational initiatives and professional learning across the state of Michigan. She has been an educator for 37 years with experience as a first and second grade multi-age teacher, an elementary principal, and the Director of Instruction and Learning Services at the ISD level.  Susan is a graduate from Michigan State University with a B.A. degree in Audiology and Speech Pathology and a B.S. degree in Child Development and Elementary Education. She has an M.A. from Western Michigan University in Educational Leadership. Susan enjoys spending time with her family. She is a proud wife, mom and grandma.