Skills and Routines

Build classroom routines with your students to last the whole year.

Videos That Create Routines and Build Skills

We all thrive when we have routines, and students are no exception! These activities help kids practice strategies that will contribute to lifelong learning, critical thinking, and emotional regulation. They also help educators capture thinking in consistent ways for ongoing assessment and personalization that make it easier to facilitate collaboration, sharing, and providing learning supports for diverse students. Making learning visible means students can recognize their learning and be proud, and teachers can see what they’re learning more readily.

Video from 4th – 12th grade series Visual Thinking Strategies

A Two-Week Curriculum All About Routines

This two-week curriculum offers resources for elementary and secondary educators to focus on relationships as they start the school year.

The Relationships Initiative is a series of ice-breakers, classroom activities, and closing circles aimed at building strong relationships that become the foundation of learning for the entire year.

Series that Build Skills and Routines

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