Social Emotional Learning

Social emotional development is the basis for how young children feel about themselves and how they relate to others. Find social emotional learning shows and lessons that are aligned with Michigan educational standards.

Social Emotional Learning Shows

Simple gift series logo

Simple Gift Series

Preschoolers will make music with Marty the Music Man, find something new in Miss Linette’s Curiosity Corner, and read with Betty the Bookworm.

POP Check - Social emotional support

POP Check

Mindful practice tools to Pause, Own what we are feeling and Practice something to relax.

Camp TV screen shot of host

Camp TV

A special kids’ block with exciting content from zoos, libraries, and more!

Let's Learn - Pre-K to 2nd Grade lessons

Let’s Learn

“Let’s Learn” is a daily series featuring educator instruction and virtual field trips.

Social Emotional Learning Lessons

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