TV Schedule

The Michigan Learning Channel is now available through your antenna on WCMU, WGVU and Detroit Public TV, check for your channel below.  View how to rescan your TV below to view the channel. The grid below displays the general schedule.  View the detailed schedule for January 2021.

Schedule example for Michigan Learning Channel

How to Rescan

If you use an antenna to watch PBS on your television over-the-air, then you will need to rescan your tv to receive the Michigan Learning Channel.

Instructions for Rescanning

  1. Press the menu button on your remote.
  2. In your TV’s menu, look for the channel setup option.
  3. Select antenna or tuner.
  4. Start a new scan.
  5. Every TV is different, so what you see on your screen may not exactly match the steps above. If you run into trouble, please refer to your TV’s product manual, or contact the TV manufacturer for clearer directions specific to your device.

WCMU, WGVU and Detroit Public TV are now live over the air, check for your channel below.  The channel will be available on cable or satellite channels at a later date.  You can visit the LIVE TV stream at anytime from anywhere in Michigan. MLC will be available across Michigan this January.

Find Your Channel

Launching on January 4, 2021


Alpena Channel 6.4
Cadillac Channel 27.4
Manistee Channel 21.4
Mt. Pleasant Channel 14.4


Grand RapidsChannel 35.6
Kalamazoo Channel 52.6


Detroit Public TV Channel 56.5

Launching later in January


Delta College Public Media Channel 19.5


WKAR Public Media Channel 23.5


WNMU-TV Channel 13.4