I wholeheartedly support and endorse the Michigan Learning Channel. The ability for educational programming to reach nearly every household with a television and fill internet connectivity gaps is outstanding. I commend the public television stations of Michigan for adjusting to the unexpected changes brought on by the pandemic and moving quickly to provide enrichment opportunities to the children of Michigan. I look forward to serving our children in partnership with you

Michael F. Rice, PhD, State Superintendent of Public Instruction

Business Leaders for Michigan would like to extend our support for the Michigan Learning Channel, a statewide channel dedicated to direct instruction and distance learning. This innovative idea would leverage existing statewide infrastructure to provide students across Michigan with an equal opportunity of accessing curriculum-aligned content, regardless of broadband capabilities. The Michigan Learning Channel provides an alternative that can bridge the digital divide and deliver classroom-style instruction in key areas for students learning from home. Post-COVID, the channel can be an ongoing resource for education in Michigan, providing instruction on snow days, educational enrichment at all grade levels, and a robust library of lessons and materials that can support students during extended absences. The channel could also provide adult education, with opportunities for literacy learning, workforce preparation, and career readiness.

Doug Rothwell, FORMER president and CEO, Business Leaders for Michigan

Our organization is very focused on equity and social justice, and we know that hundreds of thousands of households don’t have access to technology. The Michigan Learning Channel will close the equity gap by ensuring that all students have the same access to learning, no matter what their zip code. It is being built with a very strong network of parent groups and educators, who understand this is not just a quick fix during the pandemic, but a long-term resource that schools and students can rely on.

Dr. Tina Kerr, executive director of the Michigan Association of Superintendents and Administrators (MA

The Michigan Learning Channel will provide families across our state access to content that students need to learn. Public television can reach so many homes to ensure that all students receive an equitable education. No matter what grade they are in or what subject they are studying, this new service will make it available. It will align content with Michigan standards in a way that is meaningful, not only for teachers, but for families

Susan Townsend, Literacy Initiatives project director of the Michigan Association of Intermediate School Administrators (MAISA)