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The Michigan Learning Channel supports teachers and families through supplemental lessons for 2nd Grade students.

Lessons for the Week of May 10, 2021


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Download the Spring 2021 activities for 2nd Grade learners. (36 pages)


InPACT at Home - title screen

InPACT at Home

Pre-K – Adult | Heath & Fitness | “InPACT at Home” is a home-based physical activity program that enables K-12 students to engage in physical activity and education.

Let's Learn - Pre-K to 2nd Grade lessons

Let’s Learn

Pre-K – 2nd Grade | English, Health & Fitness, Math, Science, Social-Emotional Learning, Social Studies | “Let’s Learn” is a daily series featuring educator instruction and virtual field trips.

Math Mights - title screen with characters

Math Mights

K- 3rd Grade | Math | Engaging lessons help students build number sense and learn strategies for solving all kinds of math problems.

POP Check - Social emotional support

POP Check

Pre-K – 3rd Grade | Social Emotional Learning | Mindful practice tools to Pause, Own what we are feeling and Practice something to relax.

Read With Me at Home

K – 3rd Grade | ELA | Literacy lessons for Kindergarten – 3rd Grade students taught by Colorado master teachers that are aligned with Michigan Educational Standards.

Read, Write, ROAR!

Read, Write, ROAR!

Kindergarten – 3rd Grade | English Language Arts | Kindergarten–3rd Grade learners build literacy skills with engaging ELA lessons.


Reading ELD

K – 3rd Grade | ELL | English Language Development taught by Colorado master teachers that are aligned with Michigan Educational Standards.

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  • Parts of a nonfiction book
    English2nd Grade

    Parts of a nonfiction book

    Read With Me At HomeLesson 1

    Learn how to use a table of contents and how to navigate different parts of a book to find out more information

  • Using articles in the kitchen

    Using articles in the kitchen

    Reading ELDLesson 1

    Look for items you might find in a kitchen and practice using articles to talk about them: the pot, the pan, a chef, an apron. This lesson is for 2nd or 3rd gr…

  • Homes and action words

    Homes and action words

    Reading ELDLesson 2

    Do you cook in the basement? Or sleep in the bathroom? Of course not! Learn about all the rooms in a house and the action verbs for the activities you do there…

  • Butterfly book
    English2nd Grade

    Butterfly book

    Read With Me At HomeLesson 2

    Read a nonfiction book about butterflies and ask and answer questions about what you learn in the text

  • Habitats and plurals

    Habitats and plurals

    Reading ELDLesson 3

    Where do animals like to live? In this lesson you will learn about the different types of habitats where animals stay, and practice subject-verb agreement so y…

  • Nonfiction and sight words
    English2nd Grade

    Nonfiction and sight words

    Read With Me At HomeLesson 3

    Continue learning from nonfiction texts by learning about Dinosaur Ridge, a place where paleontologists have found lots of dinosaur fossils

  • Letter sounds

    Letter sounds

    Reading ELDLesson 4

    Mrs. Aretz investigates animals and reviews reading strategies and alphabet sounds! This lesson is for 2nd or 3rd graders with beginning English skills.

  • Vowels
    English2nd Grade


    Read With Me At HomeLesson 4

    Learn what is a long vowel and short vowel sound. We will practice with a book.