Read, Write, ROAR!

Kindergarten–3rd Grade learners build literacy skills with engaging ELA lessons.

Michigan Teachers Bring Reading Essentials to You

Read, Write, ROAR! is an English Language Arts program for kindergarten through 3rd Grade learners. The Michigan Learning Channel partnered with MAISA and real Michigan teachers to create educational video lessons and corresponding activity sheets that align to Michigan teaching standards and the Literacy Essentials. Each lesson has a list of standards included as an easy reference for educators and homeschoolers.

 These lessons and activity sheets helps students build literacy skills through word-building lessons, read-alouds, writing exercises, exploring informational text, and more. Parents and educators can use these resources to build on what students are covering in school, as extra practice on key topics, and as fun activities to break up the day.

A Full Year of Lessons, for Four Grades

Each grade level of Read, Write, ROAR! includes a full school year of video lessons and accompanying activity sheets on topics that align to Michigan teaching standards. Each “season” of the series follows a marking period of the school year, so parents and educators can easily find the topics their students are covering at any given time of year. See a list of each grade’s themes below and explore episodes.

Special Episodes for Parents and Preschoolers

Learn more about our episodes made for early learners and their caregivers.


  • Season 1 Theme: Myself and Others and the Alphabet 
    • People in my community
    • Learning letter sounds
    • Learning about the past
    • Getting along with others
  • Season 2 Theme: Weather and the Alphabet
    • Types of weather
    • Preparing for weather
    • Learning Letter Sounds
  • Season 3 Theme: Community, Citizenship, and the Alphabet
    • Goods and services
    • Wants and needs
    • Being a leader
    • Letter sounds and rhyming patterns
  • Season 4 Theme: Nature and Rhyming Patterns
    • Use nursery rhymes to learn rhyming patterns
    • Plants and animals in nature

1st Grade

  • Season 1 Theme: School Days and Consonant Blends
    • Compare life today with life in the past
    • Consonant blends as initial sounds
  • Season 2 Theme: Earth’s Place in Space and Consonant Blends
    • The moon, the sun, the sky, and shadows
    • Consonant blends as initial and ending sounds
    • Narrative text
  • Season 3 Theme: Government and Citizenship and Word Sounds
    • How citizens shape a community
    • Inflectional endings
    • R-controlled vowels
    • Opinion writing
  • Season 4 Theme: Animal Changes and Vowel Sounds
    • How plants and animals survive and grow
    • Long and short vowel patterns
    • Vowel digraphs and diphthongs
    • Informational text

2nd Grade

  • Season 1 Theme: Maps, Communities, and Vowel Patterns
    • Parts of a map
    • R-controlled vowels and vowel diphthongs
    • Communities of Michigan
  • Season 2 Theme: Processes that Shape the Earth and Letter Clusters
    • Landforms and bodies of water
    • Trigraphs tch, dge, thr and quadgraphs ngth, eigh, ough
    • Simple compound words and syllable patterns
    • Informational writing
    • Opinion writing
  • Season 3 Theme: Studying the Past and Prefixes and Suffixes
    • Studying artifacts and the past
    • Long vowels
    • Consonant -le
    • Inflected endings and suffixes -er, -est
    • Prefixes dis-, un-, in-
    • Poetry writing
    • Opinion writing
  • Season 4 Theme: Animal Habitats and Parts of a Word
    • Plants and animals in their habitats
    • Prefixes/suffixes
    • Contractions
    • Digraphs kn, mb, gn
    • Syllable types
    • Narrative writing
    • Poetry

3rd Grade

  • Season 1 Theme: Michigan’s Community and Building Words
    • What makes Michigan special
    • Informational writing
    • Narrative writing
    • Compound words
    • Prefixes and suffixes
  • Season 2 Theme: Human Impacts on Earth and Types of Syllables
    • How human actions affect Earth
    • Multisyllabic decoding with suffixes
    • Open and closed syllables
    • Narrative writing
    • Opinion writing
    • Poetry
  • Season 3 Theme: Citizenship, Belonging, Prefixes and Suffixes
    • How people impact history
    • Rights and responsibilities of Michigan citizens
    • R-Controlled Vowel Patterns
    • Syllable types
    • The -le pattern
    • Biography writing
  • Season 4 Theme: Plant and Animal Habitats and Informational Writing
    • How animals survive in their habitats
    • Schwa sound
    • Suffixes -ity, -ous, -ate, -ture
    • Multisyllabic words
    • Informational writing and text

Free Printable Resources

Each video lesson has a printable activity sheet that follows along with the episode. Plan ahead with our downloadable packets and activity books, build your own mystery words, and more.

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