Careers in STEM Walkthrough

Explore the world of STEM careers with teacher resources, a student quiz, and more!

Where can STEM Take Your Students?

For the Michigan State University Science Festival, Michigan Learning Channel is excited to bring you a virtual STEM career walkthrough. Along with guidance from parents and teachers, students can use the resource to learn more about what STEM careers are available to them, and what skills they may require. They can even take a career placement quiz. Within the walkthrough, teachers can find PBS and state educational resources to extend learning.

Though students are welcome to click through the virtual walkthrough on their own, it is designed with the classroom in mind. Instructing students to explore the career pathways in groups can be a helpful way to spark conversation and interest. Then offering the career placement quiz individually can open the door for personalized connection. We recommend asking students to report out their results to share the learning.

You can access the slideshow online. Happy exploring!