The Learn Everywhere Challenge

Watch your favorite MLC shows to earn points and win prizes!

Learn, Compete, and Win with the Michigan Learning Channel

We’re using the app Goosechase to bring students, families, schools and more a new way to watch your favorite MLC shows and earn prizes with learners across the state! Track your progress using missions, earn points based on how many missions you complete, and see how you stack up to other students in four age brackets. At the end of the challenge, redeem your points for prizes! The challenge runs from November 6, 2023 – January 7, 2024. See how many points you can get!

if you are interested in bringing the Learn Everywhere Challenge to your school, library, or organization, view our toolkit to see how you can get involved as one of our partners.

And There are Prizes?

That’s right! All participants are eligible to win prize packages from the Michigan Learning Channel and your local PBS station based on how many points you earn. Check back later to see our prize list.

How it Works

Adults sign up for one of four experiences based on the age of their participating students. Every week starting on November 6, new missions will appear to encourage students to keep learning and earning points. Missions never expire, so it’s easy to catch up no matter when you join. Each experience will have different video and activity missions built around MLC series, with bonus missions for more points and more fun!

The Preschool Experience


The Lower Elementary Experience

Kindergarten – 3rd Grade

The Upper Elementary Experience

4th Grade – 5th Grade

The Tweens and Teens Experience

6th Grade and Up

Weekly Mission Types

Each week, students will be tasked with four different kinds of missions that encourage them to learn everywhere!

Core Missions

Reading and literacy-themed missions with print activities.

Place Missions

Missions that get your students outside and into museums, libraries, and more!

Calendar Missions

Missions all about cool events that take place during fall and winter.

Bonus Missions

Discussion questions and mini activities that your students can try anywhere!

How to Join

There are two ways to participate in the Learn Everywhere Challenge. You can join by downloading the Goosechase app and competing in real time, or by playing offline using our printable missions tracker. Players using the print version will submit their points totals at the end of the challenge. Follow the instructions below to compete using the app.

Download The App

  1. Download the Goosechase iOS or Android app.
  2. Log in. New to Goosechase? Sign up for an account or play as a guest.

Decide How to Compete

  1. Students can compete as individuals by having the account owner (a parent or teacher) join the experience(s) corresponding to their student’s grade(s). This works best for families with participating students in different grade brackets.
  2. Classrooms, Organizations, and families with multiple children in the same grade bracket can play as a team. The account owner can join the experience(s) corresponding to their students’ grades and use their discretion when to mark missions complete. For families, we recommend requiring all students in an age bracket to complete the mission before checking it off. For large groups, we suggest only requiring a simple majority.

Join Experiences

  1. Search for experiences using the code or name below. Once you find your experience, click Let’s Go!
    1. Preschool: 8J8W7L
    2. Lower Elementary: W8G36X
    3. Upper Elementary: MX86R7
    4. Tweens and Teens: 9DQ3KZ
  2. Create your player profile.
  3. Lastly, set yourself apart with a name and photo and click Save.

Complete Missions

  1. Complete the “Get to Know You” missions for easy points.
  2. Weekly video and activity missions become available every Monday to help keep learners on track throughout the year.
  3. Time-sensitive missions and place-based missions encourage students to explore their communities and Learn Everywhere!

Earn Points

  1. See how your points stack up to others in your experience using the Goosechase leaderboard.
  2. Compete with other families, classrooms, and organizations to see who can get the most points by the end of the year!