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Computer science and coding activities for all ages

We are partnering with and Grand Valley State University’s MiSTEM Network to inspire students of all ages to try their hand at a coding activity. The Michigan Learning Channel has compiled a list of resources for teachers, students, and parents to join the fun!

Preschool - Elementary School

Scratch Junior App

ScratchJr is an introductory programming language that enables young children (ages 5-7) to create their own interactive stories and games. Children snap together graphical programming blocks to make characters move, jump, dance, and sing. Children can modify characters in the paint editor, add their own voices and sounds, even insert photos of themselves — then use the programming blocks to make their characters come to life.

Find activities on the Scratch Jr. website.

Scratch Junior Professional Learning

A self-paced workshop designed to explore creative coding for young children through the lens of PBS KIDS ScratchJr, a free app designed to introduce children ages 5-8 to core coding concepts as they create their own interactive stories, games, and animations featuring PBS KIDS characters.

Find the workshop at PBS Learning Media.

Middle School

SciGirls Computer Science Specials

The SciGirls are back for a fifth season all about code and computer science!

Find more SciGirls at PBS KIDS.

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Find even more coding inspiration for middle school students at

High School

Ozaria: Adventure Game

Enter the world of Ozaria where you become a hero in an epic adventure. You must use the power of coding to defeat a darkness that has taken over the world! Along the way, you’ll meet interesting characters and travel to different lands, practicing coding concepts like sequences, loops, debugging, and decomposition. In the end, you’ll design a playable game that you can share with your friends!

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Find even more coding inspiration for high school students at

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