Women’s History Month

The women's suffrage movement, film and media, pirates, and more in collections built for classrooms.

Video Collections for All Grades

The women’s suffrage movement, film and media, pirates. Find all of this and more in collections that we’ve built for classrooms. Each video lesson has extension materials to bring history to life with discussions and activities.

For elementary school classrooms, visit the Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum Collection from PBS LearningMedia.

For middle and high school classrooms, explore the collections below.

To see what we’re airing on TV and on our 24-hour live stream, visit our What’s on this March post.

Culture Shifts and Expectations

What it means to be a woman has been challenged and shaped over time.

Entertainment Meets Politics

Women who use their media presence for social commentary and cultural influence.

Untold Stories

Powerful and brilliant women throughout history.

Women Shaping the Future

Women from Michigan and beyond who are learning from history to make history. Featuring series from Detroit Public Television, WKAR Public Media based in Lansing and WGVU Public Media based in Grand Rapids.