Using the Relationships Initiative Curriculum

This is an informational page about the Relationships Initiative.

For almost a decade, many individual educators, some who were part of the very first cohort, have been using The Relationships Initiative every single school year. Even as school leaders have come and gone, as they’ve changed buildings, roles, and grade levels, these committed educators continue pulling out The Relationships Initiative every fall because truly attending to relationships has transformed their practice and transformed student learning.

Over the past few years, Justice Leaders Collaborative has worked to support educators, schools, and districts through a global pandemic, in an increasingly polarized country, as youth mental health crises and school violence have escalated. It has become clear that now more than ever educators around the country are in need of resources to support them in creating schools where students facing untold and unprecedented challenges feel seen, heard, supported, and safe. We know that putting time into making sure our schools are places where students feel they belong is essential to any academic or behavioral goals we have.

Video Instructions

Learn about the Relationships Initiative and strategies for implementing the curriculum in your classroom or school.