Sharing Who We Are

What Matters Most to You?

This is a unit from the Relationships Initiative Curriculum. See the full resource collection on the curriculum’s homepage.

Use these playlists to facilitate introductory conversations around identity, family, and background as you build community in your classroom. Model active viewing with your students by pausing to share when you notice someone sharing a personal story, a personal value, a connection to family or neighborhood, or a connection to an identity group that you want to highlight for your students. There are a variety of speakers and perspectives showcased in these videos; choose to share several that will speak to the diverse students you have in your classroom. If you feel comfortable, share your own stories after viewing each video and make some visible connections across identities so that students can begin to see the ways that we can celebrate individuality within and alongside community. As you view these videos, invite students to reflect, journal, and discuss responses to the following questions: 

  • What identities are important to me? 
  • How do I want to present myself in this classroom community? 
  • What identities and backgrounds am I excited to learn about this year? 
  • Why is it important to celebrate who we are? 
  • How do stereotypes impact our lives at school? 
  • What makes me feel like I can be myself? How can I bring that into our classroom? 
  • What makes me unique? 
  • What do I appreciate most about others? 
  • What is unique about my family? 
  • What makes a family? What makes a friend? 

Supplemental Videos

Browse videos below in order by age group. Do you have a video or activity that encourages students to share who they are? Share it using our submission form.

Lessons from this Unit

You can also download the full Relationships Initiative curriculum as a PDF.