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The Michigan Learning Channel presents supplemental content for English language development aligned with Michigan educational standards.

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  • Animal nouns and verbs

    Animal nouns and verbs

    Reading ELDLesson 1

    Learn singuar nouns like dog and horse and how to talk about what they do with action verbs, like "the dog jumps." This lesson is for Kindergarten and 1st grad…

  • Using articles in the kitchen

    Using articles in the kitchen

    Reading ELDLesson 1

    Look for items you might find in a kitchen and practice using articles to talk about them: the pot, the pan, a chef, an apron. This lesson is for 2nd or 3rd gr…

  • Verb endings

    Verb endings

    Reading ELDLesson 1

    Can you change the meaning of a verb just by adding a few letters? Practice inflectional endings like -ed and -ing. This lesson is for 2nd and 3rd grade studen…

  • Kitchen words
    English LearnersKindergarten

    Kitchen words

    Reading ELDLesson 1

    Walk around the kitchen and learn words for the things we might find in a kitchen or use to make food. This lesson is for Kindergarten and 1st graders with beg…

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