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The Michigan Learning Channel presents supplemental content for English language development aligned with Michigan educational standards.

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  • Families and pronouns

    Families and pronouns

    Reading ELDLesson 3

    Talk about the people in our family and learn pronouns like he, she, and they. This lesson is for Kindergarten and 1st grade students who are learning English …

  • Habitats and plurals

    Habitats and plurals

    Reading ELDLesson 3

    Where do animals like to live? In this lesson you will learn about the different types of habitats where animals stay, and practice subject-verb agreement so y…

  • Verb prefixes

    Verb prefixes

    Reading ELDLesson 3

    Just a few letters at the beginning of a word can change its meaning! We'll learn how prefixes like re-, mis-, and un- change the meaning of a few of our favor…

  • Talk about pets
    English LearnersKindergarten

    Talk about pets

    Reading ELDLesson 3

    Do you have a dog, a cat, or a turtle? This lesson explores some of the animals that may live in our homes--both usual and unusual! This lesson is for Kinderga…

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