Forward Thinking, Media-Minded

Michigan Learning Channel LABS (learning and Building Statewide) is a digital community and resource hub for Michigan educators to Learn and Build Statewide alongside the Michigan Learning Channel team. Our LABS spaces are powered by Mighty Networks and include opportunities to network, bring real TV production into your classroom, share resources and tips, offer feedback and ideas, support new content development, and spread the word about MLC initiatives and materials.

Young male teacher instructing a small diverse group of students using tablets and models of wind turbines.

The Invitation

Joining MLC LABS is a commitment to celebrating yourself, your students, and your community. We invite teachers, coaches, and education professionals for preschool through high school to join our growing cohort of educators who believe in the power of media.

What LABS Educators Do

  • Join our community powered by Mighty Networks.
  • Use Michigan Learning Channel and PBS resources in your classroom.
  • Take an active role in our Mighty Networks Community to network with educators from around the state.
  • Consider sharing the lessons that you create which leverage media to meet learning goals.
  • Consider sharing media that your students create in response to PBS content or for other projects that you design.

What LABS Educators Get

  • A free welcome kit full of exclusive educational materials to get students analyzing and creating visual media.
  • Ongoing communication through Mighty Networks about new content and resources from the Michigan Learning Channel and PBS.
  • Media-focused opportunities for student voice and project-based learning in your classroom.
  • Access to media producers and experts who can support student creators.
  • Opportunities to collaborate on new content and teaching resources.

Classroom Visit Giveaway

When you become a LABS educator by joining our free educator community, you get the chance to win a classroom visit from PBS media experts. We’ll supply you with media-making resources and you’ll have access to our educator community.

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LABS Learning Projects

We periodically issue new projects with prompts that give students an active role in creating and analyzing media. Teach journalism and reporting skills with local interest and storytelling projects, learn about history with projects launched in tandem with major PBS series and documentaries, and learn what goes into making film and TV content with our video production challenges.

Are You Ready to Join the Community?

Joining MLC LABS means you are excited about using public media in your classroom to engage, educate, and inspire. You’ll be the first to hear about our upcoming opportunities and you’ll have direct access to our statewide team of education and public media experts for support. Join our Mighty Network and start meeting like-minded educators.

What is Public Media?

Cheerful little boy using smartphone and mini tripod filming video, vlogging

Public media changes the way classrooms and students get access to high-quality educational materials. The Michigan Learning Channel has been providing free public media resources from PBS stations across the country for over a year, and we’ve heard from teachers across Michigan asking to be part of the movement. Learn more about public media on the Corporation for Public Broadcasting website.

Public Media in Education

LABS and the Michigan Learning Channel connect educators to media from across the country that you can integrate into your classrooms and programs. Learn more about some examples below.

PBS LearningMedia

Free, standards-aligned videos, interactives, lesson plans, and more for teachers and students.

KQED Youth Media Challenges

Middle and high school students create media for a variety of subjects.

PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs

High school students learn local reporting, video production, and civic engagement

Your Local PBS Station

PBS Stations across Michigan create original media that document the unique experiences of Michigan residents.

PBS Digital Studios

Series like Crash Course, Prideland, and more from internet creators, journalists, scientists, and film and TV personalities.

The Diatribe

This poetry-focused organization offers lesson plans and more for year-round creative writing and art education.

These materials were developed by a grant from The Community Telecommunications Network, a 501(c)(3) private non-profit corporation serving Southeast Michigan.