The National Economy of the United States of America Archive

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  • HS-E2.1.1

    Circular Flow and the National Economy – using the concept of circular flow, analyze the roles of and relationship…

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  • HS-E2.1.2

    Economic Indicators – using a number of indicators, such as gross domestic product (GDP), per capita GDP, unemployment rates,…

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  • HS-E2.2.1

    Government Involvement in the Economy – evaluate the three macroeconomic goals of an economic systen (stable prices, low unemployment,…

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  • HS-E2.2.2

    Government Revenue and Services – evaluate the ways in which the federal government generates revenue on consumption, income, and…

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  • HS-E2.2.3

    Fiscal Policy and its Consequences – analyze the consequences (intended and unintended) of using various tax and spending policies…

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  • HS-E2.2.4

    Federal Reserve and Monetary Policy – explain the roles and responsibilities of the Federal Reserve system and compare and…

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