The Michigan Learning Channel provides supplemental math support for Kindergarten through 3rd Grade that are aligned with Michigan educational standards.

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  • Addition & Subtraction Expressions

    Addition & Subtraction Expressions

    Math MightsLesson 301

    Join Mrs. Gray to talk about numbers with the Counting Buddy Junior. Then get ready to match fun story problems with the correct addition or subtraction expres…

  • Decompose/Compose #’s Different Ways
    Math1st Grade

    Decompose/Compose #’s Different Ways

    Math MightsLesson 301

    Join Mrs. Markavich & Dotson for a Numeracy Talk with the Counting Buddy Senior, then we show you different ways to decompose and compose 2-digit numbers!

  • Expanded Form
    Math2nd Grade

    Expanded Form

    Math MightsLesson 301

    Join Mrs. McCartney to talk about numbers with Springling! Then watch out for the Value Pak as we have fun with putting numbers together and taking them apart …

  • Multiply with multiples of 10
    Math3rd Grade

    Multiply with multiples of 10

    Math MightsLesson 301

    Join Ms. Askew to talk about numbers with her Math Mights friends, and then learn about multiplying one-digit whole numbers by multiples of 10.

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