Get Ready for MLC's Summer of Fun

How will you use the Michigan Learning Channel with your students this summer?

Learn, Do, and Explore with Your Students

From handing out our activity books to your students before summer break to using our materials to build a full summer program, we’re here to help schools and after-school organizations get ready for an immersive and fun Summer. Our 8-week program encourages kids to “Learn, Do, and Explore” with literacy and math lessons, hands-on science and fitness activities, and career exploration and virtual field trips. Find videos, fun activity books, virtual events, and more to keep preschool to 6th grade students engaged in learning.

Weekly Themes

Each week of our summe rprogram has a different theme that makes learning fun and dynamic. See or list of themes below:

  1. Take Flight: From planes and kites to butterflies and birds, discover the fables and physics
    of things that fly.
  2. Under Water: Dive deep into oceans, rivers, and our own Great Lakes to discover what it
    takes to live beneath the waves.
  3. Heroes: Celebrate our nation’s birthday and the people we call heroes, whether they
    are veterans, everyday helpers, or the kind who wear capes.
  4. Creatures: From the prehistoric to the present, learn about the fascinating features of
    creatures near and far.
  5. Engineering: Meet the people who design bridges, cars, and video games and learn how
    to think like an engineer.
  6. Great Outdoors: Explore the world outside your door and the incredible parks and waters
    that belong to us all.
  7. When I Grow Up: All summer we’ll learn about different careers—this week, think about all
    the exciting possibilities in your future!
  8. Shoot for the Stars: Look up at the night sky and into outer space and meet people who risked
    everything to follow their dreams.

Free Activity Books

We have three books tailored to your students’ age group. Free downloads for 2024 books will be available in the coming months for families to print at home or use digitally.

If you are interested in acquiring bulk quantities of books for your students through a school or after-school organization, fill out our interest form and we will be in touch as more information becomes available.

Book Previews

See books from a previous year to get an idea of what’s to come.

Early Learners

Activities for Preschool – Kindergarten students. (84 pages)


Activities for 1st Grade – 3rd Grade students. (144 pages)


Activities for 4th Grade – 6th Grade students. (84 pages)

Videos and Virtual Events

Use screen time for learning and fun with our on-demand videos aligned to Michigan education standards. Each week has themed content on subjects from math and science to physical fitness and art.

Each week also brings unique opportunities to engage with the MLC community.

MLC in Your Community

We have local events running all summer long in communities across the state. Families and educators can visit us to meet your local Engagement Coordinator and get free MLC Activity Books and goodies.

Get Connected

Our MLC Engagement Coordinators are happy to answer your questions and provide information on the Michigan Learning Channel and all it offers for students and educators. Find your local contact below:

  • WGVU Public Media in Western Michigan: Rachel Cain (
  • WNMU Public Media in the Upper Peninsula: Emily Roussin (
  • WKAR Public Media in Mid-Michigan: Robin Pizzo (
  • Detroit Public Television in Southeast Michigan: Contact MLC’s Director of Education Engagement Tara Hardy (
  • Delta College Public Media in Michigan’s Saginaw Bay area: Lauren Saj (
  • WCMU Public Media in Northern Central Michigan: Renee Mahon (
  • Michiana Public Media in Southwest Michigan and Northern Indiana: Sheri Robertson (