Request for Quotes: Upper Elementary Literacy Coach

Submit a quote for your services on new episodes of our series, Read, Write, ROAR!

This position is no longer accepting applications.

The Michigan Learning Channel is actively seeking a qualified Literacy Coach for our upcoming program, Read, Write, ROAR! Upper Elementary. If you possess expertise in the Literacy Essentials, particularly in the domain of upper elementary ELA education, we invite you to submit a quote for your services by November 10, 2023.

Program Overview

Read, Write, ROAR! Upper Elementary aims to provide a dynamic, fun, and educationally robust program for teachers, educators, families, and caregivers. As the Literacy Coach, you will collaborate closely with MAISA representatives, managing producers, segment producers, and teachers. Your role will be pivotal in shaping the educational direction of the program, acting as its educational backbone.       

Scope of Work

  • Curriculum Development: Craft the overall curriculum for all 24 episodes, ensuring it is instructionally sound, engaging, and beneficial for our target audience.
  • Unit Themes & Lesson Topics: Define overarching unit themes and select specific lesson topics that align with these themes.
  • Teaching Staff Selection: Play an instrumental role in the selection of teaching staff, ensuring they are best suited for the program’s objectives.
  • Script Review: Thoroughly review scripts to ensure they correctly connect with Literacy Essentials.
  • Segment Review: Review the finished segments of each episode for any inaccuracies or discrepancies.
  • Lesson Activity Guides: Oversee the creation and consolidation of lesson activity guides into comprehensive episode guides.
  • Reading Lesson Texts: Choose appropriate reading lesson texts that align with the curriculum’s objectives.
  • Standards & Practices Validation: Validate that the standards and Essential Instructional Practices are consistently met for each episode and lesson.
  • Resource Maintenance: Maintain and update the series’ teacher resource document as needed.
  • Meetings: Attend a day-long in-person planning session with MLC and MAISA staff, and check-in virtually with MLC and MAISA staff during weekly virtual check-in meetings.

Duration and Workload

The anticipated workload for the Literacy Coach role is approximately 300 hours, spanning from November 2023 to April 2024.      


We look forward to receiving your quote and potentially collaborating with you on this exciting venture. 


All quotes are due by November 10, 2023.