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Rain, Rain, Don’t Go Away | Elinor Wonders Why

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Rain, Rain, Don’t Go Away | Elinor Wonders Why

Use this video story from the PBS KIDS show Elinor Wonders Why as a home connection or to encourage students to ask questions and investigate their curiosities about the world.

In this story, Elinor, Ari and Olive are in the park playing when their fun is cut short because it starts to rain. This makes Elinor wonder, “Why does it need to rain?” The kids soon observe a lot of ways the rain is helpful to plants and animals: it helps snails stay slimy, fills up bird baths, keeps frog ponds full, and keeps the grass green. Now the kids know that a rain shower is very useful to nature. Also, rain makes the best thing ever for kids – puddles to jump in!

Click the image to watch the video on PBS LearningMedia.