Casting Call: Elementary Educators to Host New MLC Series

The Michigan Learning Channel is actively seeking educators to write and host in segments for our newest series, Read, Write, ROAR! Upper Elementary.

We are looking for educators across the state to join the cast of Read, Write, ROAR! Upper Elementary, a new ELA series for 4th and 5th grade students.

Program Overview

Read, Write, ROAR! Upper Elementary aims to provide a dynamic, fun, and educationally robust program for teachers, educators, families, and caregivers. As teachers and hosts, you will be an on-screen face of the series providing instruction and entertainment to students across the state.

Not familiar with Read, Write, ROAR!? You can watch lessons from previous teachers in this YouTube playlist or watch full episodes at

Read, Write, ROAR! is a literacy show designed to support students and their caretakers to gain the skills they need to be great readers and writers. The program uses real Michigan educators to help model the best learning practices supported by the MAISA Literacy Essentials and Essential Instructional Practices. [LINK].

In this season of Read, Write, ROAR! We are tackling the big questions:

  • How does Michigan’s history and landscape make it unique?
  • What’s the environmental impact of Michigan’s geographic location?
  • How do we preserve our special places?
  • How can plant and animal life in Michigan’s air, land and water be conserved, preserved, and protected?

What We Are Looking For


We are looking for qualified educators within the Detroit Public Television broadcast range to shoot literacy lessons with our production staff, either on location in a school or classroom, or in studio. These educators will fully script their lessons with support from our literacy coach and our producer. These educators will then shoot their lessons with our production crew either on-location or in our studio.

Collaborate & Create: Team up with our literacy coach and producer to craft lessons that sparkle and shine!  
Script: Script captivating lessons using our script template.  Lessons will be 6 minutes long.
Activity Guides: Design engaging activity guides for each lesson.  
Lesson Planner: Develop plans that help teachers bring your segment to life in their classrooms.  
– Join us for a virtual table read session where we bring your scripts to life. 
– Be available for 2 filming days

This position pays $3,200 for 6 6-minute lessons.

Content Creators

We are also looking for content creators interested in creating educational content to help support our lessons. We are looking for people with a passion for learning and skills in media creation. We are looking for educators of all grades and subject matters to fill the content creator roles. You’ll have the support of our Literacy Coach to make sure your lessons are aligned to standards.

Pitch: Pitch your lesson ideas to the producer and literacy coach.
Write and Collaborate: Work with the literacy coach and producer to script six four-minute lessons, revise and get final approval.
Create: Perform, record, and edit lesson using your own equipment.
Submit: Send in your recorded videos and get approval.

This position pays $5,000 for 6 4-minute lessons.

How to Apply

Record a video of yourself in landscape format that includes the following. Submit your video through our application form.

– Introduce yourself and your educational background.
Prepare a brief lesson (2-3 minutes) with a focus on literacy. 
– Optional: enhance your video with thoughtful editing, engaging music, and clear titles.

For inspiration, take a look at this lesson from one of our 3rd grade teachers.