Wild Hope

Crisscross the globe to spotlight the changemakers who are restoring and protecting the natural world.


Changing the Narrative from Despair to Hope

Oysters returning en masse to clean New York Harbor and shelter one of the world’s great cities from superstorms… Ecuador saving species by enshrining the rights of nature in its constitution… Beavers bringing wild wetlands and biodiversity back to manicured Britain… Soldiers setting fires to save an iconic woodpecker…

The people and stories in WILD HOPE reveal how saving biodiversity begins in our own backyards. There is no need—and no time—to wait for global accords. These mavericks are forging unexpected alliances, making bold interventions, and relying on local expertise to pull our planet back from the brink.

WILD HOPE provides heroes we can rally around, actions we can share, and optimism we severely need. There is still time to secure the future of life. And if given the chance, nature will bounce back. But we must change the narrative. WILD HOPE shows us how it’s done.

Teaching With Wild Hope

Resources to bring Wild Hope into high-school and entry-collegiate classrooms were developed by HHMI BioInteractive, a wildly-trusted and renowned platform for biology classroom resources.

Educator Guides for each Wild Hope short film that dive into key concepts in each story, scientific and cultural backgrounds, and targeted discussion questions about human-caused threats to biodiversity loss.

The new classroom lesson Designing Solutions to Preserve Biodiversity: a collaborative activity spanning three to four 50-minute class periods where students use Wild Hope stories to explore major biodiversity threats and design, present, and refine solutions for preserving biodiversity. 

The new classroom lesson Analyzing Science Practices and Concepts in Wild Hope: an activity for a single 50-minute class period where students will identify and discuss the science practices and concepts aspects of science used by the people in a Wild Hope film. 

Wild Hope Shorts

For something shorter, try Wild Hope‘s 15-minute long episodes.

wiid hhope the sepents lair
A wildlife biologist puts an ambitious plan in motion to save two uniquely American reptiles — the eastern indigo snake and the gopher tortoise — and the longleaf pine forest they call home.
wild hope turtle trackers
Three species of sea turtles nesting in southeast Florida face a range of manmade threats.
wild hope a farm goes wild
For years, Derek Gow worked his 400-acres in western England as a conventional sheep and cattle farm. Now, he’s using his experience with British rewilding projects to return his land to what it once was: a healthy, biodiverse ecosystem.
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