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  • Animal nouns and verbs
    Reading ELDLesson 1

    Animal nouns and verbs

    Learn singuar nouns like dog and horse and how to talk about what they do with action verbs, like "the dog jumps." This lesson is for Kindergarten and 1st grad…

  • Verb endings
    Reading ELDLesson 1

    Verb endings

    Can you change the meaning of a verb just by adding a few letters? Practice inflectional endings like -ed and -ing. This lesson is for 2nd and 3rd grade studen…

  • Using articles in the kitchen
    Reading ELDLesson 1

    Using articles in the kitchen

    Look for items you might find in a kitchen and practice using articles to talk about them: the pot, the pan, a chef, an apron. This lesson is for 2nd or 3rd gr…

  • Kitchen words
    Reading ELDLesson 1

    Kitchen words

    English LearnersKindergarten

    Walk around the kitchen and learn words for the things we might find in a kitchen or use to make food. This lesson is for Kindergarten and 1st graders with beg…

  • Rooms in your home
    Reading ELDLesson 2

    Rooms in your home

    English LearnersKindergarten

    Take a tour of a home and learn the words for the different rooms we may have in our homes. This lesson is for Kindergarten and 1st graders with beginning Engl…

  • Community helpers
    Reading ELDLesson 2

    Community helpers

    Sound out words with the Phonics Queen, then learn plural noun words for groups of community helpers like doctors, mail carriers, and firefighters. This lesson…

  • Plural nouns
    Reading ELDLesson 2

    Plural nouns

    How can we talk about more than one of something? Ms. Radue shares tricks to remember how to add an -s or -es to make a noun plural. This lesson is for 2nd and…

  • Homes and action words
    Reading ELDLesson 2

    Homes and action words

    Do you cook in the basement? Or sleep in the bathroom? Of course not! Learn about all the rooms in a house and the action verbs for the activities you do there…

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