Extra Credit

Creative writing, math, fitness, art, career exploration, and more for 6th-8th graders.

Extra Credit: The variety show made by and for students

Extra Credit keeps students engaged in learning with short, interactive lessons around creative writing, math, fitness, and art. Through weekly themes, students will also explore animals, engineering, the environment, sports, and careers, and see behind-the-scenes field trips. Each season features a cast of teens from across the state that host and help produce what goes on air!

Episodes Spanning Multiple Grades

The first four seasons of Extra Credit are perfect for 4th-5th grade students. The NEW season 5, premiering this fall, is made for 6th-8th grade students.

Celebrating Youth Creators

Extra Credit offers the student hosts opportunities to produce segments that go into the show. Learn more about the hosts’ experiences and see how the students in your life can start creating.

Hear From the Hosts

Extra Credit graduates share their experiences working on the show and the impact that the experience had.

Opportunities for Students

Visit our Youth Voices page for information on how student producers and educators can get involved with MLC productions.

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