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Muslim American Heritage Month - Starts January 1

The Great Muslim American Road Trip

Episode 1: January 16 at 8:00pm and January 18 at 8:00pm
Episode 2: January 23 at 8:pm and January 25 at 8:00pm
Episode 3: January 30 at 8:00pm and February 1 at 8:00pm

Follow a millennial Muslim American couple on a cross-country journey along historic Route 66. As they meet new friends and explore more than a dozen stops, Mona and Sebastian weave a colorful story about what it means to be Muslim in America today.

On Location With the Michigan Learning Channel at the Arab American National Museum

Available on demand: “Living in America,” “Activism,” and “Coming to America.”

Visit the Arab American National Museum and explore the different exhibits from anywhere.

Extend the Learning

The Great Muslim American Road Trip Collection – Lesson activities include background readings, research projects, and a Google Earth annotated map extension.

Art in the Muslim World – Students will explore basic elements of Islamic art, learn about the origin and styles of the specific art of Islamic calligraphy and create their own piece of artistic calligraphy.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day - January 15

All About the Holidays - Martin Luther King Jr, Day

Available on Demand
The third Monday in January is a national holiday observing the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr. Learn more about this leader of the civil rights movement and about how we honor him today.

Extra Credit Episode 303 - "Black History"

Available on Demand

Explore the history, heritage, and culture of Black Americans.

Extend the Learning

American Icons: Martin Luther King Jr. In this lesson, students will watch a video about Dr. King that emphasizes his commitment to nonviolence. They will then examine and analyze a 1956 flyer and a 1966 photograph that illustrate King’s approach to maintaining nonviolence. The lesson culminates with a comparison to other leaders who have been consistently nonviolent in spite of great personal risk.

Black America Since MLK: And Still I Rise – Explore educational materials from the series Black America Since MLK: And Still I Rise. Embark with professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. on a deeply personal journey through the last fifty years of African American history. Travel from the victories of the Civil Rights movement up to today, asking profound questions about the state of black America—and our nation as a whole.

Holocaust Remembrance Day - January 27

Shoah Ambassadors

Available on demand

Five Holocaust survivors share their personal histories with two young adults. These two young ambassadors, utilizing their own creative expression, will then become the caretakers of this history.

We Remember: Songs of Survivors

December 27 at 9:00pm

Holocaust survivors partner with songwriters to turn their life experiences into powerful music for a community concert. The resulting songs, filled with joy and healing, celebrate the extraordinary lives of this resilient generation.

The Jewish Journey America

December 27 at 10:00pm

A film that tells the three part story of I) Jewish life in the old country, II) the reasons behind leaving their respective homes and journeying to the US and III) both the establishment of communities and the great accomplishments made in the US.

Extend the Learning

The US and the Holocaust Teaching Collection Learn, examine, and reflect on the actions of the past and their effects on the present in these collections.

The 100th Day of School - The Last Week in January

Math Mights 3rd Grade Episode 208 - "Round to the Nearest 10 or 100"

Available on Demand
Warm up with a Mystery Math Mistake to hunt for the mistake made counting up on the number line. Use place value cards to practice rounding numbers to the nearest ten and hundred.

Extend the Learning

Math Mysteries Solve our riddles, think creatively, and start fun conversations all about problem solving and mathematical thinking.