Read, Write, ROAR!

Kindergarten–3rd Grade learners build literacy skills with engaging ELA lessons.

Read, Write, ROAR! poster

Read, Write, ROAR! is an English Language Arts program for kindergarten through 3rd Grade learners. Each lesson helps students build literacy skills through word-building lessons, read-alouds, writing exercises, exploring informational text, and more. Taught by Michigan teachers from across the state, the program features lessons aligned with state standards and teaching techniques while demonstrating the research-based best practices outlined in Michigan’s Literacy Essentials.

For more information, see MLC’s Press Release. Learn more about the teachers behind Read, Write, ROAR! on MLC’s Meet the Teachers page.

Read, Write, ROAR! Literacy Review Books

Take a look back at the topics your student covered at the end of the previous school year to help them get caught up and ready to tackle the new school year.

Practice activities that help Kindergartners transition into school.

Review the last quarter of First Grade to give Second Graders a head start.

Review the last quarter of Kindergarten to give First Graders a head start.

Review the last quarter of Second Grade to give Third Graders a head start.