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The Michigan Learning Channel supports teachers and families through supplemental lessons for 2nd Grade students.

Lessons for the Week of March 1, 2021


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Winter 2021 Packet

Download the full Winter 2021 Packet, includes Math Mights 213-218.


InPACT at Home - title screen

InPACT at Home

Pre-K – Adult | Heath & Fitness | “InPACT at Home” is a home-based physical activity program that enables K-12 students to engage in physical activity and education.

Let's Learn - Pre-K to 2nd Grade lessons

Let’s Learn

Pre-K – 2nd Grade | English, Health & Fitness, Math, Science, Social-Emotional Learning, Social Studies | “Let’s Learn” is a daily series featuring educator instruction and virtual field trips.

Math Mights - title screen with characters

Math Mights

K- 3rd Grade | Math | Engaging lessons help students build number sense and learn strategies for solving all kinds of math problems.

POP Check - Social emotional support

POP Check

Pre-K – 3rd Grade | Social Emotional Learning | Mindful practice tools to Pause, Own what we are feeling and Practice something to relax.

Read With Me at Home

K – 3rd Grade | ELA | Literacy lessons for Kindergarten – 3rd Grade students taught by Colorado master teachers that are aligned with Michigan Educational Standards.

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  • Virtual construction
    English2nd Grade

    Virtual construction

    Read With Me At HomeLesson 9

    Try virtual construction and read Brazilian folk tales!

  • Seasons of the year

    Seasons of the year

    Reading ELDLesson 9

    Learn the seasons of the year and about the axis, tilt, and rotation of the earth! This lesson is for 2nd or 3rd graders with beginning English skills.

  • Three Little Pigs
    English2nd Grade

    Three Little Pigs

    Read With Me At HomeLesson 10

    Read the Three Little Pigs with a spin and identify the contractions within the story!

  • Holidays around the world

    Holidays around the world

    Reading ELDLesson 10

    Mrs. Aretz teaches about different celebrations that occur all over the world. This lesson is for 2nd or 3rd graders with beginning English skills.

  • Contractions and cheetahs!
    English2nd Grade

    Contractions and cheetahs!

    Read With Me At HomeLesson 11

    Review contractions, learn about cheetahs, and read more fables and folk tales!

  • Compare and contrast stories
    English2nd Grade

    Compare and contrast stories

    Read With Me At HomeLesson 12

    Learn to compare and contrast using different versions of a story.

  • Different kinds of syllables
    English2nd Grade

    Different kinds of syllables

    Read With Me At HomeLesson 13

    Discover different kinds of syllables and learn how to uncover an author's purpose.

  • Vowels and poetry
    English2nd Grade

    Vowels and poetry

    Read With Me At HomeLesson 14

    Review vowels then learn about poetry and read a poem about perseverance.