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Lessons for the Week of May 10, 2021


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InPACT at Home - title screen

InPACT at Home

Pre-K – Adult | Heath & Fitness | “InPACT at Home” is a home-based physical activity program that enables K-12 students to engage in physical activity and education.

Let's Learn - Pre-K to 2nd Grade lessons

Let’s Learn

Pre-K – 2nd Grade | English, Health & Fitness, Math, Science, Social-Emotional Learning, Social Studies | “Let’s Learn” is a daily series featuring educator instruction and virtual field trips.

Math Mights - title screen with characters

Math Mights

K- 3rd Grade | Math | Engaging lessons help students build number sense and learn strategies for solving all kinds of math problems.

POP Check - Social emotional support

POP Check

Pre-K – 3rd Grade | Social Emotional Learning | Mindful practice tools to Pause, Own what we are feeling and Practice something to relax.

Read With Me at Home

K – 3rd Grade | ELA | Literacy lessons for Kindergarten – 3rd Grade students taught by Colorado master teachers that are aligned with Michigan Educational Standards.

Read, Write, ROAR!

Read, Write, ROAR!

Kindergarten – 3rd Grade | English Language Arts | Kindergarten–3rd Grade learners build literacy skills with engaging ELA lessons.


Reading ELD

K – 3rd Grade | ELL | English Language Development taught by Colorado master teachers that are aligned with Michigan Educational Standards.

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  • Painting and drawing
    English LearnersKindergarten

    Painting and drawing

    Reading ELDLesson 9

    Learn about painting and drawing, read a book, and meet a local artist! This lesson is for Kindergarten and 1st graders with beginning English skills.

  • 10 Frames Different Ways

    10 Frames Different Ways

    Math MightsLesson 312

    Join Mrs. Gray for Mystery Math Mistake word problem. Get ready to have fun with 10 frames by playing Shake Those Discs and figuring how many more are needed t…

  • Make 10

    Make 10

    Math MightsLesson 313

    Join Mrs. Gray for a Mystery Math Mistake! Can you find her error? See how we can use math fingers to find 10 or how many more we need to get to 10 from a give…

  • Hidden Cubes

    Hidden Cubes

    Math MightsLesson 314

    Join Mrs. Gray for a Mystery Math Mistake! I wonder if she made a mistake in her drawing? Pack your bags - we're going camping! We'll see 10 friends, but some …

  • Jack and Jill

    Jack and Jill

    Read, Write, ROAR!Lesson 317

    In this episode we are going to do some word building, learn two new high-frequency words and look for rhyming patterns as we read a Nursery Rhyme.

  • A Story About Perseverence

    A Story About Perseverence

    Read, Write, ROAR!Lesson 318

    Today we are going to read a special book about not giving up when things get hard. We will be learning some new vocabulary words and respond to some questions…