Invite Students to Become Teachers

The power of a tutorial is timeless; one of the most popular Google searches of all time is “how to tie a tie.” Give your students an opportunity to harness this power and teach them how to teach! They will reinforce what they know, gain confidence, and learn how rewarding and challenging it can be to take on the role of instructor.

Choosing a Topic

This project fits seamlessly into any subject from math to writing to sports. When used to wrap up a unit, educators can peak into students’ thought processes to see what details from a unit were retained, what they found interesting, and what needed to be refreshed. As an open ended prompt, students have the freedom to share what they know.

Taking Inspiration

Students from Sashabaw Middle School made a series of videos on exercise techniques to try at home and outside. They met a real film crew, practiced making scripts, and got in front of the camera.

3 Steps of Video Creation

Make sure you’ve visited the Getting Started page to familiarize yourself and your students with video and recording practices.


Students identify their topic and conduct relevant research to ensure they have a solid understanding of the material they will be teaching. This can include written material like articles, or videos and similar tutorials.


With research complete, students plan how they want to organize their video. They should decide what steps their tutorial will include, how much background information they want to provide before and after the tutorial, and how much detail each step of instruction should go into.


Finally, students should carefully record, format, and edit their film, combining the various segments that they plan and produce, adding music and graphics, and crafting a final look that is polished and impactful for a viewer.

Showcase Your Work

Once your video or collection of videos is complete, share it with us and we’ll feature it on the Michigan Learning Channel YouTube channel! Just send us an email at