The Show Made By, With, and For Students

Extra Credit is a Michigan Learning Channel original series for 6th Grade – 8th Grade students that covers all kinds of topics. Learn core subjects like math and writing, and see virtual field trips and interview segments that high school students help write, produce, and star in. Now, we’re pulling back the curtain to show you how to do the same thing in your classroom with students of any age.

What Makes Extra Credit?

Extra Credit is all about topics that are relevant to students. Watch an episode or two to get a feel for the series, and see the list of prompts below to inspire your students. Make sure you’ve visited the Getting Started page to familiarize yourself and your students with video and recording practices. Once your video is complete, share it with us and we’ll feature it on the Michigan Learning Channel YouTube channel! Just send us an email at


What are you learning in class? What is a skill that your students excel at? Invite them to make a video that teaches something. This is perfect for students of all ages as they can teach anything from sounding out a word to how to start a debate team.


Practice journalism and storytelling skills by writing questions and interviewing people in your neighborhood. Scale it down for young learners by interviewing family members or classmates. Scale it up for middle and high schools by profiling local businesses.

Virtual Field Trip

Share the experience of exploration and learning with viewers by documenting a field trip that your school is taking or invite older students to venture out after class. What can you learn from visiting the zoo? What math concepts are present at a high school student's after-school job?

See an Example

The middle school campers from Caleb’s Kids made their own segment all about yoga. They worked together to write the script and shoot the video.

Hear From a Host

Are you still wondering what students will get from the experience? Let the hosts of Extra Credit tell you themselves! Yash and Calli are two Extra Credit “alumni” who shared their experiences working on set for the series.