Create a Mental Health Resource

Use media to give students the opportunity to explore their own mental health and learn about resources and ways to handle stress. Make sure you’ve visited the Getting Started page to familiarize yourself and your students with video and recording practices. Once your project is complete, share it with us and we’ll feature it on the Michigan Learning Channel YouTube channel! Just send us an email at

Media Examples


This option is well-suited to camera-shy students as they only have to share their voices. Adapt the other prompts to be voice-only, or try something different like a town-hall conversation about mental health in your school.


Choose a topic to explain and teach. Assign each group to choose from a list of terms like anxiety, self care, and more. Or invite them to explain a strategy or activity they use to feel calm or relieve stress.


Choose a local business or organization to "cover." Does your local library host a weekly yoga or knitting class? What kinds of day camps are offered at a nearby YMCA?

Similar Projects

Get inspired by other student work and professional media.

Additional Mental Health Resources

The Relationships Initiative

Activities that help students build relationships and self-identities during the first weeks of school.

Well Beings Mental Health Resource Toolkit

Organizations and volunteers that are dedicated to addressing the mental health needs of students.